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Pressure Transducer
Pressure Transducer Kit
Engine Diagnostic Sensor
CAN-Bus Test Box
Universal Breakout Leads
2-Pin Break Out Lead
Fuse Extension Lead
2ndary Ignition Pickups
COP Extension Lead
Current Clamp
COP Probe & Cable
Secondary Ignition Pickup
Mixmaster Signal Mixer
Acupuncture Set
Multimeter Probe
Back-pinning Probe
Large Dolphin Clip
Small Crocodile Clip
Battery Clip
Insulation Piercing Clips
Shrouding Adaptor
Premium Test Leads
5m Premium Test Lead
10:1 Attenuator
Auto-Solve Software
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WPS500X Automotive Pressure Transducer WPS500X Automotive Pressure Transducer NZ$1170.00*
Perform quick and accurate pressure analysis of many automotive systems.
Accurately measure up to 34.47 Bar (500 psi). Auto zeroing. Ultra fast 100μs response time.
Internal rechargeable LiPo battery.
Automotive Kit Extras
WPS500X Pressure Transducer Kit WPS500X Pressure Transducer Kit NZ$1593.00*
Kit includes WPS500X Transducer, protective carry case & these Accessories...
Vacuum, exhaust, fuel & bleed hoses/adaptors, M10~14 short &/or deep reach adaptors.
Use the kit to measure more, with greater ease and at a lower total cost.
TA014 FirstLook Engine Diagnostic Sensor TA014 FirstLook Engine Diagnostic Sensor NZ$750.00*
Fast & accurate automotive diagnosis from tail pipe
Diagnose burnt valves, bad injectors & other problems without major disassembly
Includes vacuum line adaptor & connector cable
PP619 CAN-Bus Test Box PP619 CAN-Bus Test Box NZ$382.00*
Instantly Check Power & Ground Circuits
Identify Communication Link Protocols
Connect to PicoScope
6-Way Universal Breakout Lead - Micro
Connect PicoScope any vehicle - Micro(0.6 mm)
Eliminates the need to own many specific breakout leads for engine diagnostics
Available with 0.6, 1.5, 2.3 & 2.8mm male & female spade connectors
TA012 Two Pin Break Out Lead TA012 Two Pin Break Out Lead NZ$47.00*
Enables voltage readings from numerous 2 pin sensors in the engine compartment
Separate access to individual wires allows easy current measurement with clamps
Simultaneously display both injector current and voltage on your PicoScope
Fuse Extension Lead - Std ATC/ATO
ATC /ATO fuse extender keeps fuse in circuit while testing.
Allows easy current (clamp) measurement.
Simply move ATC/ATO fuse to extension, plug in extension where fuse was & clamp to measure.
Mixmaster Secondary Ignition Pickups Mixmaster Secondary Ignition Pickups NZ$149.00*
A set of 4 secondary ignition, leads, each 40cm long
Combine with Mixmaster & 4-channel scope leads to display 12 channel parade
Get the most from your Mixmaster
Coil-on-Plug Extension Lead - Single
Single extension lead
Clip Pico secondary ignition lead over extension to see HT waveform
Simply fit between coil pack & plugs
TA167 - 200A/2000A AC/DC current clamp TA167 - 200A/2000A AC/DC current clamp NZ$392.00*
Measure high compression diesel and petrol starter currents
0 to 200/2000 Amps DC & AC pk (to 20kHz)
Easy push-button Zero Set
Coil-On-Plug (COP) Ignition Probe & Cable Coil-On-Plug (COP) Ignition Probe & Cable NZ$265.00*
Display scope patterns of the secondary, faster than scoping the primary
Suitable for use on most COP & conventional ignition systems
Find misfires fast
Secondary Ignition Pickup Secondary Ignition Pickup NZ$90.00*
View secondary ignition waveforms directly on-screen with PicoScope Automotive Oscilloscope
Shielded 1.8m lead. Clips over plug lead or COP extension
For use with conventional ignition systems and most HEI and DIS systems
Mixmaster 12 Cylinder Auto Signal Mixer Mixmaster 12 Cylinder Auto Signal Mixer NZ$666.00*
View ignition parades of up to 12 cylinders
Display 2 engine banks of up to 6 cylinders each
Supplied with 4 secondary ignition leads, extra leads available
TA008 Acupuncture Back Pinning Probe Set TA008 Acupuncture Back Pinning Probe Set NZ$72.00*
Back pinning probe set
Fit onto 4mm banana plugs, fine tips slide easily past connector seals
7 complete acupuncture probes, 3 probe sizes, replacement screws & needles
Multimeter Probe - Red
When a quick non-clip-on connection is required
Pushes easily onto a Pico Premium Test Lead
4mm socket, length 115mm. Also available in black
Flexible Back Pinning Probe - Red
Designed for back-probing under the insulation
Flexible mid-section improves access to difficult terminals
Fits easily onto Pico Premium Test Leads
Large Dolphin/Gator Clip - Red
Fully insulated with a 4 mm socket in the handle
Easy connection to Pico Premium test lead
Wide 30 mm opening jaw
Small Crocodile / Gator Clip - Red
Fully insulated with 4mm socket in the handle
Toothed grip offers good contact on fine wire
Easy connection to Pico Premium Test Leads
Battery Clip - Red Only
Red single
Fits all our BNC to 4 mm Pico Premium Test Leads
Plier type clips designed to grab and hold the vehicle battery terminals
Red/Black Pair of Insulation Piercing Clips Red/Black Pair of Insulation Piercing Clips NZ$89.00*
Provides the exact pressure needed to pierce the insulation of a wide range of wires
Rotating banana jacks prevent test lead twisting
Keeps the oscilloscope in-circuit while the wire is pierced
Shrouded to Unshrouded Adaptor - Red
Adapts 4mm shrouded plug to unshrouded plug
Allows test lead connection into any breakout box
Quick push-on connection
Premium Test Lead: BNC to 4 mm - Blue (fixed ground)
Blue (fixed ground)
Also with removable ground lead in red, yellow & green to match scope trace colours
3m insulated BNC to stackable shrouded banana plugs
Premium test leads 5M long Premium test leads 5M long NZ$98.00*
For working on larger vehicles
5m long black BNC to 4mm cable, with 2.5m fixed ground
Insulated BNC connector, shrouded 4mm plugs
TA197 10:1 Attenuator TA197 10:1 Attenuator NZ$98.00*
Perform quick and accurate ignition waveform analysis of many automotive systems
Allows voltages of up to 400 V to be measured
Increases the input impedance of the oscilloscope from 1 MΩ to 8 MΩ
MI168 S-Hook MI168 S-Hook NZ$6.00*
Makes it easy to keep test leads tidy in the engine bay
Hang PicoScope up by its boot loop
100 mm long, plastic coated with rubber caps
Auto-Solve Diagnostic Assistance Software Auto-Solve Diagnostic Assistance Software NZ$534.00*
Suitable for all mechanics, diagnostics technicians & apprentices
360 topics and 170 comparative waveforms help make quick & accurate diagnosis
Guided component testing on 66 different automotive sensors and actuators
TA034 supercedes PP408 Fuse Extension Pair