PicoScope 4425
2 Channel Standard Kit
2 Channel Standard Kit
2 Channel Standard Kit
(PP922)   NZ$2845.00*
Cylinder balance and compression tests.
  • Compression Test
  • Cylinder Balance
    Zoom Function

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PicoScope 2-Channel Standard Kit

The 2 Channel Standard Kit comes complete with a variety of accessories including leads, ignition pickups, probes, clips and current clamps – allowing you to test virtually all the components on modern vehicles.

Our 2 channel standard kit is ideal for occasional use or for those on a limited budget. The four channel kits allow users to diagnose more complex problems and save time by testing more signals simultaneously.


  • Channels:
  • Accuracy:
  • Memory:
  • Maximum Sampling Rate:
  • 2
  • ±1%
  • 250 Meg samples
  • 400 MS/s
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Parts & Accessories Included:
Picoscope 4225 Oscilloscope  with protective rubber boot 20 A/60 A AC/DC current clamp
200 A/2000 A AC/DC current clamp Premium test leads (x 2) COP and signal probe with cable
Secondary ignition pickup 10:1 attenuator Flexible backpinning probes (1 red, 1 black)
Multimeter probes (1 red, 1 black) ATC & mini-ATC fuse extenders Crocodile/gator clips (1 red, 1 black)
Battery clips (1 red, 1 black) S Hook Shrouded to Unshrouded Adapter(x 2)
Backpinning Probe Set USB cable 1.8m Carry case
Automotive software CD ROM, Training resources DVD & Automotive Quick Start Guide (not shown)