DI6400 Insulation Tester

with Mutimeter Functions
DI6400 Digital Insulation Tester
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With automatic circuit discharge & its bright yellow test button, the 6400 is all about safety.

Beyond the four different insulation test voltages, this instrument also includes autoranging AC & DC voltage measurement and for testing relay coils and motor windings, precision low resistance ranges.

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DI6400 Insulation Tester
DI6400 Insulation Tester
  • 4 Insulation Test Voltages
  • Automatic Circuit Discharge
  • Autoranging AC/DC Volts
    & Ohms Ranges
  • Auto Zero Adjust
  • Continuity Beeper 
DI6400 Insulation Tester Switch
DI6400 Insulation Tester Leads
DI6400 Insulation Tester Leads
DI6400 Insulation Tester Clips


Insulation Test Ranges:



Other Functions:

IEC Rating:


Accessories Included:

4, 40, 400 & 4000MΩ (autoranging) @ 250V, 500V or 1000V
4, 40 & 400 MΩ (autoranging) @ 100V

DC 100mV to 600V ±(1.5% Rdg + 2 Dgts)
AC 100mV to 600V ±(1.5% Rdg + 2 Dgts)

0.1Ω to 4kΩ

Continuity beeper, display hold, test lock, over range & low battery indicator, automatic zero adjust & automatic circuit discharge

1010-1 CAT III 1000V

1.5V AA x 8 (not included)

Heavy duty test leads with removable alligator clips.