Mechanical Measurement
Mechanical Measurement
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9000 Series Pressure Meters 9000 Series Digital Manometers
  • Heating, Ventilation, Industrial, & Medical Applications
  • Three Models/Pressure Ranges
  • 8 Measurement Scales, Easily Selectable
  • Dual & Differential Input Modes
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Mechanical Measurement
DT2230 - Digital Photo/Contact Tachometer DT2230 - Digital Photo/Contact
  • For All Rotational Measurements
  • Contact RPM Measurements
  • Conveyor Belt Speeds
  • Non-Contact Photo RPM Detection
Stroboscopes Stroboscopes
  • Ideal for Measuring or Inspecting Moving Gears, Fans, Pumps....
  • Crystal Controlled for Greater Accuracy
  • Bright Xenon Lamp with 80° Beam Angle
Stroboscopes Vibration Analysis
  • Accelerometer, Mounting magnet, Sensor interface, 3 x BNC cables & Quick start guide
  • Use with any 4 ch PicoScope
  • Vibration frequency (3dB): DC to 350Hz