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PC Oscilloscopes
PicoScope: Power, Portability
and Versatility
Pico Technology continues to push the limits of USB-powered oscilloscopes. The PicoScope 3000 Series offers the highest performance available from any USB-powered oscilloscope on the market today.
AWG and function generator
External trigger
Ch B
Ch A
PicoScope 3203D 50 MHz 2 Channel Oscilloscope (PP958) NZ$909.00*
PicoScope 3204D 70 MHz 2 Channel Oscilloscope (PP959) NZ$1193.00*
PicoScope 3205D 100 MHz 2 Channel Oscilloscope (PP960) NZ$1513.00*
PicoScope 3206D 200 MHz 2 Channel Oscilloscope (PP961) NZ$2113.00*

High End Features as Standard

Buying a scope from some companies is a bit like buying a car. By the time you have added all the optional extras you need, the price has gone up considerably. With the PicoScope 3000 Series, high end features such as mask limit testing, serial decoding, advanced triggering, measurements, math, XY, digital filtering and segmented memory are all included in the price.

To protect your investment, both the PC software and firmware inside the unit can be updated. We have a long history of providing new features for free as software downloads. Other companies make vague promises about future enhancements but we deliver on our promises year after year. Users of our products reward us by becoming lifelong customers, frequently recommending us to their colleagues.

Custom Probe Settings

The custom probes feature allows you to correct for gain, attenuation, offsets and nonlinearities in special probes, or to convert to different units of measurement (such as current, power or temperature). You can save definitions to disk for later use. Definitions for standard Metermaster-supplied Oscilloscope Probes and Clamp Adaptors are included.

Picoscope Software


Start PicoScope, click Auto setup and your PC is transformed into a powerful oscilloscope with the timebase and triggering already set up. Click Persistence mode and you can emulate the phosphor display of a conventional analog scope - useful for displaying complex analog signals and spotting glitches. Click Spectrum mode and your PC becomes an FFT spectrum Analyser. And there's more…

PicoScope 6 Oscilloscope & Spectrum Analyzer Software

PicoScope 3203, 3204, 3205 and 3206 Specifications
Oscilloscope – Vertical
Model PicoScope 3203D PicoScope 3204D PicoScope 3205D PicoScope 3206D
Order Number PP958 PP959 PP960 PP961
Bandwidth (-3dB) 50MHz70MHz100MHz200MHz
Rise Time (Calculated)7.0 ns5.0 ns3.5 ns1.75 ns
Bandwidth Limiter20 MHz, selectable
Vertical Resolution8 bits
Enhanced Vertical Resolution12 bits in Picoscope software
Input TypeSingle-ended, BNC connector
Input Ranges±20 mV to ±20 V in 10 ranges
Input Sensitivity4 mV/div to 4 V/div (10 vertical divisions)
Input CouplingAC/DC
Input Characteristics1 MΩ || 14 pF
DC Accuracy±3% of full scale ±200 µV
Analogue Offset Range
50 mV to 200 mV ranges
500 mV to 2 V ranges
5 V to 20 V ranges

±250 mV
±2.5 V
±20 V
Offset Adjust Accuracy±1% of offset setting, additional to DC accuracy
Overload Protection±100V (DC+AC peak)
Oscilloscope – Horizontal
Maximum Sampling Rate
1 GS/s: 1 analog channel in use
500 MS/s: up to 2 analog channels or digital ports in use
Maximum Sampling Rate
(Repetitive Signals)
2.5GS/s 2.5GS/s 5GS/s 10GS/s
Maximum Sampling Rate
(Continuous Streaming Mode)
10 MS/s in PicoScope software, divided between active channels (PC dependent)
125 MS/s using the supplied SDK, divided between active channels (PC dependent)
Maximum Capture Rate100 000 waveforms per second (PC dependent)
Buffer Memory64 MS128 MS256 MS512 MS
Buffer Memory (Streaming)100 MS in PicoScope software. Up to available PC memory when using supplied SDK.
Maximum waveform
Buffer Segments
10 000 in PicoScope software
130 000 using the supplied SDK

250 000 using the supplied SDK

500 000 using the supplied SDK

1 000 000 using the supplied SDK
Timebase Ranges 1 ns/div to 5000 s/div 1 ns/div to 5000 s/div 1 ns/div to 5000 s/div 500 ps/div to 5000 s/div
Timebase Accuracy±50ppm±2 ppm±2 ppm
Sample jitter3 ps RMS
ADC samplingSimultaneous sampling on all enabled channels
Accessories Included
Additional Hardware 2 x oscilloscope probes in probe case
USB 2.0 cable (USB 1.1 compatible), user manuals
SoftwarePicoLog & PicoScope 6 CD-ROM
DocumentationUser's guide & Installation guide

*15% GST applicable for sales within NZ


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