PicoScope 3425 USB-Based
Differential Oscilloscope
Do you need to measure floating or non-ground referenced signals? Do you need
to measure signals in the presence of 50 Hz or 60 Hz common mode noise?
With the PicoScope 3425 differential oscilloscope you can do so without the need
for expensive differential preamplifiers or probes.
  • 4 Channels
  • 12 to 16-bit resolution
  • 20 MS/s real-time sample rate
  • 5 MHz bandwidth
  • 512,000 sample buffer memory
  • USB 2.0 connected and powered
  • 400 V differential & common-mode range
  • Free software updates

Most oscilloscopes can only measure signals referenced to ground and have what are known as “single ended inputs”. The PicoScope 3425 has four fully differential inputs that allow you to measure signals that are not referenced to ground.

With a maximum common mode and differential range of 400V, the PicoScope 3425 is capable of measuring both high voltage and low level signals. Typical high voltage applications include capturing waveforms from switch mode power supplies, telephone cables, motor inverters and hybrid vehicles. The high impedance differential inputs also allow measurements on sensitive amplifiers and from bridge type sensors for pressure, load and strain.

PicoScope at a glance

PicoScope 6 includes the following features:
  • 10000 waveform buffer
  • Advanced zoom controls
  • Auto-arrange axes
  • Auto setup
  • Automated measurements
  • CMD-line file conversions
  • Continuous streaming mode
  • Custom probes
  • Digital persistence mode
  • Easy data export
  • Free updates
  • Linear interpolation
  • Mask limit testing
  • Math functions
  • Reference waveforms
  • Resolution enhancement
  • Serial decoding
  • Sin(x)/x interpolation
  • Spectrum Analyser mode
  • XY oscilloscope mode

Everything you need to take differential measurements

The PicoScope 3425 USB Oscilloscope comes in a tough carry case complete with all the probes, leads, clips and adaptors you need to start taking differential measurements (see the specifications for full details of the supplied hardware and software). Just install the user-friendly software, connect the oscilloscope to a USB port on your Windows PC and you're ready to go. No complicated set up procedures. No effort required.

Take it with you wherever you go

The PicoScope 3425 doesn't need to be confined to your lab or workbench. It's small, lightweight design makes it the perfect portable differential oscilloscope, while the anti-slip case means that your scope can be used either horizontally or vertically – ideal when space is at a premium.

Powerful oscilloscope and DAQ software

The PicoScope 3425 comes complete with our feature-rich PicoScope 6 oscilloscope software. Multiple scope and spectrum views, automatic measurements and a waveform buffer for storing multiple events can all be controlled using the familiar Windows interface. Data from PicoScope can be exported in text, binary and graphical formats.

PicoLog data acquisition software is also included along with a software development kit (should you wish to use your PicoScope 3425 in your own applications).

The easy and inexpensive way to measure floating voltages

The PicoScope 3425 differential USB oscilloscope allows you to measure floating voltages, and signals where common-mode noise is present, with ease and without the need for expensive differential preamplifiers or probes. The maximum common mode and differential range of 400 V ensures the PicoScope 3425 is suitable for many common applications; while the included accessories and easy to use software allow you to get the maximum from your PicoScope, with the minimum of effort.

If you're looking for an easy and cost effective way to measure non-ground referenced high voltages or low level signals in the presence of common-mode noise, you need a PicoScope 3425 differential oscilloscope.

PicoScope 3425 Specifications
Bandwidth5 MHz (3 MHz on 100 mV range)
Rise Time (Calculated)70 ns
Input Channels4
Vertical Resolution12 bits
Enhanced Vertical Resolution16 bits
Maximum sampling rate (single shot)
One channel in use
Two channels in use
Three or four channels in use

20 MS/s
10 MS/s
5 MS/s
Record length
One channel enabled, up to 100 ms/div
Two channels enabled, up to 100 ms/div
Three or four channels enabled, up to 100 ms/div
Over 100 ms/div

512 kS/channel
256 kS/channel
128 kS/channel
2 MS/channel
Waveform bufferUp to 10000 waveforms
Input impedance12.4 MΩ (on 100 mV to 5 V ranges)
10.1 MΩ (on 10 V to 400 V ranges)
Input Capacitance 12 pF
Input Type Differential voltage,
Touch-proof BNC connectors with 4 mm GND sockets
Input CouplingSoftware selectable AC/DC
Input Voltage Ranges100 mV to 400 V in 12 ranges
Common-mode voltage range
To ensure measurement accuracy
30 V (on 100 mV to 5 V ranges)
400 V (on 10V to 400 V ranges)
Maximum safe voltages
Any input above scope GND

400 V
400 V (600 V transient)
Measurement category ratingCAT1

±1 %
50 ppm
Linearity 12 bits
Noise< 10 LSB
PC Requirements
Minimum Processor: Pentium II processor, or equivalent
Memory: 64 MiB (XP) / 512 MiB (Vista) / 1 GiB (Windows 7 and 8)
Operating system: 32 or 64 bit edition of Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 (not Windows RT)
Ports: USB 1.1 compliant port
Recommended Processor: 2GHz Pentium IV processor, or equivalent
Memory: 256 MiB (XP) / 1 GiB (Vista, Windows 7 and 8)
Operating system : 32 or 64 bit edition of Microsoft Windows XP SP2 (or above), Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 (not Windows RT)
Ports: USB 2.0 compliant port
Operating temperature range 0 °C to 40 °C ( 20 °C to 30 °C for quoted accuracy)
Operating humidity range Minimum 5% RH non condensing
Maximum 80% RH non condensing,
decreasing linearly to 50% at 40 °C
Storage environment
Temperature range

-20 °C to +60 °C
5% to 90% RH, non-condensing
Other environmental conditions Dry environments
Altitudes of up to 2000 m above sea level
No pollution, or only dry, non-conductive pollution
Physical Dimensions
Dimensions255 x 170 x 40 mm, 920 g
PicoScope 6 for Windows
PicoLog for Windows
Linux drivers32 bit and 64 bit
Software Development Kit Includes drivers and example code for various programming languages including C, C#, C++, Delphi, Excel, LabVIEW, VEE and Visual Basic.
Power RequirementsPowered from USB port
ComplianceFCC, CE
Accessories Included
Additional Hardware (Supplied) Carry case, USB 2.0 cable, User manuals and software CD-ROM, 2 x multimeter test probes, 4 x screened BNC to 4 mm plug leads, 4 x current clamp adaptors, 4 x small crocodile clips, 4 x large crocodile clips, 8 x sprung hook probes
SoftwarePicoLog & PicoScope 6 CD-ROM
DocumentationUser's guide & Installation guide