pH Accessories
pH Accessories
pH Electrode

PE03 General Purpose pH Electrode

  • Wide epoxy body for strength
  • General lab use, economic electrode
  • 12.3 x 160mm
$59.00*  Order
pH Electrode

PE11 General Purpose pH Electrode

  • Narrow epoxy body for smaller beakers
  • Shorter to minimise tipping risk
  • 10 x 128mm
$67.00*  Order
pH Electrode

PE06HD Spear Tipped pH Electrode

$103.00*  Order
  • Spear tipped for penetration measurement in cheese, meats, soil
  • Perfect (easy-clean) for sushi
  • 12 x 160mm with fine spear-shaped tip
pH Electrode

PE12 Electrode Head

  • Replacement head for PH222 pH Meter
  • Easy swap-over
  • Positive push-on, with screw-ring retainer
$59.00*  Order
pH Electrode
$40.00*  Order
  • 10 x pH4 Buffer Capsules
  • Easy pH meter calibration
  • Simply mix into 100ml of distilled water
pH Electrode

TP07 Temperature Probe for PH207

$48.00*  Order
  • Use with PH207 pH meter for automatic temperature compensation
  • Also compatible with PH208, PH209YK, PH221 and WA2000 Series
  • 110 x 4mm (+handle), 0~60°
pH Accessories