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Sanitising Wipes
Sanitising Wipes
Available in larger tubs - which are ideal for child and aged care facilities and in convenient travel-sized tubs, so you can have them with you whenever you, or your loved ones, are about to get up close and personal with a surface that really needs wiping down. Both sizes sanitise without leaving a residual aroma.


836052Single Tub: (180 Wipes) NZ$13.00* Order
836050Carton of 6 tubs: (1080 Wipes) NZ$65.00* Order
832305Wall Bracket: NZ$14.00* Order
836022Mini-tub: (70 Wipes) NZ$11.00** Order
83602010 Mini-tubs: (700 Wipes) NZ$88.00* Order
Aircraft tray tables reportedly harbour 7 times more CFUs** than found on aircraft toilet seats.

*15% GST applicable for sales within NZ

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** CFU: Colony Forming Units