DT2239 Digital Stroboscope
DT2239 Digital Stroboscope

DT2239 Digital Stroboscope

  • Ideal for measuring or inspecting moving gears, fans, pumps.....
  • Crystal controlled for greater accuracy
  • Bright Xenon Lamp with 80° beam angle


Flash Rate:100 to 10 000 flashes per minute (FPM)
Resolution:1 FPM up to 999.9 FPM
10 FPM above 1000 FPM to 10 000 FPM
Accuracy:±1 Dgt (100 to 5000 FPM)
±0.05% (Over 5000 FPM)
Flash Adjustment:Fine & coarse adjustment on two ranges
Display:4 digit bright red LED
Xenon Flash:4 Joules, 6500°K , 60~1000uS duration
Dimensions:210(H) x 120(W) x 120mm, 1kg
Power Supply:230V AC
Accessories Included:Mains Cord

Stroboscope Controls

Flash rate's easy to read on large LED display

Stroboscope LCD

*15% GST applicable for sales within NZ