DT2230 - Digital
Photo/Contact Tachometer

The DT2230 is really three tacho instruments in one. Point it one way and the photo-tach function allows safe non-contact RPM measurement.

Turn it the other way and press one of the supplied tips directly onto a shaft for RPM or run the wheel tip on a conveyor for belt speed.

The display even orientates readings with the function selected. So when you turn the meter around, you're always reading it
right side up!

The DT2230 uses a visible red laser for non-contact measurements. This is much more precise and so, much easier to use, than the older incandescent models.

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for sales within NZ

A good safe distance from spinning parts
Non Contact
  • For All Rotational Measurements
  • Contact RPM Measurements
  • Conveyor Belt Speeds
  • Non-Contact Red Laser RPM Detection


  Photo Tach: 5 to 99 999 RPM
  Contact Tach: 0.5 to 19 999 RPM
  Surface Speed: 0.05 to 1999.9 m/min
  Photo Tach: 0.1RPM (< 1000RPM), 1RPM (≥ 1000RPM)
  Contact Tach: 0.1RPM (< 1000RPM), 1RPM (≥ 1000RPM)
  Surface Speed: 0.01m/min (< 100m/min), 0.1 m/min (≥ 100m/min)
Accuracy: ±(0.1% Rdg + 1Dgt) @ 0 to 50°C, < 80% R.H.
Photo Detection Distance: 50 to 1500mm (may vary with conditions)
Display: LCD 32mm x 28mm, 5 digits
Data Output: RS232 PC serial interface (optional cable & software)
Other Functions: Min, max and last reading memory
Dimensions: 165(L) x 50(W) x 33mm, 182gm
Battery: 4 x 1.5V AAA's. (not included)
Accessories Included: Reflective tape (600mm), Spare cone tip, Spare funnel tip, Carry Case
Accessories Also Available Separately:
Cone tip in use Cone Tip
2236RT Reflective Tape
  • Use with all 2200 series tachometers
  • 600mm and highly reflective
  • Peel-off backing, self-adhesive
2230CT Cone Tip
  • Fits DT2230 tachometer
  • Replacement tip for end-on shaft tachometer measurements
2230FT Funnel Tip
  • Fits DT2230 tachometer
  • Replacement tip for rounded-end shaft tachometer measurements
DT2230 2230 Supersedes 2236