RayTemp 38
Professional Infrared Gun
RayTemp 38
Raytemp 38
Carry Case

Rugged protective Carry Case

R38 light

Light & laser pointers turn on with trigger

  • Temperature Range -60 to +1000°C
  • 50:1 optics ratio
  • Sample rate less than 1 second
  • Automatic shut off after approximately 7 secs
  • Emissivity adjustable from 0.1 to 1.0 in 0.01 increments
  • °C/°F & max/min/average/differential display

The professional RayTemp38 pistol-grip, heavy duty, infrared thermometer has some distinguishing features that make it the perfect choice in many difficult measurement situations.

Where target height or access is a problem, or dangerous machinery or voltages are nearby, the Raytemp 38 really proves its value. The 50:1 Distance to Spot ratio allows measurement of much smaller targets at greater distances or safer and more accessible positions.

Measuring high temperatures or non-organic surfaces? No problem, the Raytemp38 IR range is -60 to 1000°C and emissivity is adjustable from 0.10 to 1*.

If the emissivity of your target's unknown, simply use a surface probe plugged into the Raytemp38, compare the probe and IR readings (they're displayed simultaneously on the Raytemp38's large LCD) and adjust the emissivity until they're the same. Remove the surface probe and continue with IR measurements. (The reference surface can be a sample of the target material and doesn't have to be at the target temperature.)

Minimum, maximum, average and differential measurements are recorded each time the trigger is pulled, so can be reviewed after each measurement - a great feature when scanning large areas.

Checking distribution boards for hot spots? High and Low Alarms can be set so that the Raytemp38 beeps when either is breached. Set it just above ambient and you'll be quickly alerted to any scanned board component running hot.

R38 plug
R38 plug
External K-type probe can be used.
Simultaneously display probe & IR temperatures.


Measurement Range: IR -60 to +1000°C
Probe -64 to +1400°C (K type; probe not included)
Operating Range: 0 to +50°C
Resolution: 0.1° (-83.2 to 999.9°C) otherwise 1°C
Accuracy: IR ±2% of reading or 2°C (whichever is greater)
Probe ±1% of reading or 1°C (whichever is greater)
Optics Ratio: 50:1
Emissivity: 0.95 default - adjustable 0.10 to 1.00
Response Time (90%): <1 sec
Other Functions: Display Hold and Auto Power-off, Lock (on) mode, Display Backlight, Laser Pointer, Min/Max/Average & Differential Recording, Low and High Alarms, Emissivity Adjustment
Dimensions: 203.3mm(L) x 47(W) x 197 386.1g
Battery: 2 x AAA provides 140Hrs of operation (Alkaline, without laser and back light)