300 Series
Rugged Digital Thermometers
300 Series
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Single Input
Dual Input
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Pictured with optional
penetration probe
Single & Dual Input Models Max Record Function
0.1° Resolution °C or °F Display
Easy Push Button Control Protective rubber boot
Front Panel Zero Adjustment for Better Accuracy
The 300 P-Series is an updated version of Metermaster's very popular 305 & 307 thermometers, with all new electronics inside and a sleek new case design and button layout.

The P-Series retains its predecessor's ruggedness but the new top-of-instrument probe connections make the new range much easier to hold and use in the field. Both single and dual input models are available, with the dual input 307P offering a temperature differential (T1-T2) mode.

Out of the way and secure probe socket Out of the way and secure probe socket Dual Input
307P: Dual Input
305P: Out of the way and
secure probe socket
SPECIFICATIONS 307P shown in Differential Mode
307P shown in Differential Mode
Optional Accessories Available
•   Protective pouch with clear front, a carry strap & magnetic holder
•   A full range of K-Type probes
Carry Strap & Magnetic Holder
SC300 case/magnetic holder NZ$22*
  305P 307P
Measurement Range: -50 to 199.9°C with 0.1° Resolution
200 to 1300°C with 1° Resolution
Accuracy: ±(0.3% Rdg + 1°) -50 to 1000°C
±(0.5% Rdg + 1°) 1000 to 1300°C
Temperature Coefficient: 0.1 x (specified accuracy) per °C
(0 to 18°C, 28 to 50°C);
Input Type: Single K-Type Dual K-Type
Connection: Standard thermocouple mini socket
Display: T1 T1, T2 or T1-T2
Other Functions: Probe Zero Adjustment, Min/Max Record, Data Hold, Resolution selection, °C/°F Selection and LED Probe Break Alert.
Dimensions: 184(H) x 62(W) x 35mm, 300gm
Battery: Std 9V alkaline provides 200Hrs of operation
Accessories Included: Protective Rubber Boot, 1 K-Type Bead Probe & Battery
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