Probe Thermometers
Probe Type
Therma 20 Plus Therma 20 Plus
Robust Waterproof Case
Backlight, Max/Min & Hold Functions
Designed for Reliability & Ease of Use
Therma Plus Therma Plus
IP66/67 Waterproof Rating
Tough Extruded Aluminium Case
Use With a Choice of Probes
300 Series thermometer 300 Series
Single & Dual Input Models
0.1° Resolution
Min/Max Record Function
Single Input NZ$148.00*
Dual Input NZ$198.00*
SuperFast Thermapen 4
Reaches Temperature in just 3 Seconds
Robust & Waterproof
Tidy & Safe Foldaway Probe
Available in 10 Colours
Temperature Probes Temperature Probes
-200 to 1100°C
Many Format Options
Off the Shelf or
Therma 1 Thermometer Therma 1
Easy Two Button
Protective Boot
& Carry Case
Water Resistant
Waterproof Thermometer Pocket Thermometer
Lowest Price Option
Min/Max Memory Function
Probe Cover/Wall Bracket
Thermometer Repairs

Anti-Bacterial Probe & Knife Wipes

Measuring and recording temperatures is essential for Food Safety but in doing so, take care not to introduce cross-contamination problems - Always sanitise your probe before and after use.

Metermaster’s Probe Wipes offer the easiest and quickest way to clean and sanitise knives and thermometer probes. Reduce the risk of cross-contamination without the hassle of sprays.

Supplied in handy dispenser tubs of 180 wipes, each wipe is pre-saturated with a broad spectrum bactericide solution that is odourless and does not taint food. The wipes are effective against a wide range of bacteria including “Listeria” & “Salmonella”. Probe Wipes
Handy Hint:
To reassure your customers, use your wipes to clean and sanitise checkouts after "spills" from packets of meat.
*15% GST applicable
for sales within NZ
Probe wipes mini-tubs Probe wipes mini-tubs
Mini-tubs Great for auditors and others on the move
836 052 Single Tub: (180 Wipes) NZ$13.00*
836050 Carton of 6 tubs: (1080 Wipes) NZ$65.00*
832305 Wall Bracket: NZ$14.00*
836022 Mini-tub: (70 Wipes) NZ$11.00*
836020 10 Mini-tubs: (700 Wipes) NZ$88.00*