Vaccine Fridge Thermometers
Vaccine Fridge
  • Ideal for monitoring surgery vaccine and blood fridges
  • Displays current, minimum and maximum temperatures
  • Records date and time of high and low excursions
  • Supplied with user adjustable alarms preset to 2 & 8°C
  • Audible beeper, flashing LCD icons and a bright flashing LED alert to excursions

Now you can tell if vaccine storage temperatures have been breached, so there's no need to worry that the product you have may have been destroyed by thermal abuse.

The Min/Max Screen on the Vaccine Thermometer tells you exactly how much the temperature has varied since last reset and when it peaked. The Event Screen tells you what date and time it first breached alarm limits and the current display tells you exactly what the temperature is now.

This model has an audible alarm that alerts you if the temperatures are beyond limits and a bright flashing red LED that continues flashing until manually reset) even if temperatures return to normal. So overnight excursions won't go unnoticed.

For your convenience, the user adjustable limits are supplied preset at 2 and 8°C and a comprehensive user guide is included.


  • Measurement Range:
  • Dimensions:
  • Display:
  • Battery:
  • Accessories Included:
  • -50.0 to 70.0°C
  • 124(H) x 75(W) x 19mm
  • Large 47 x 39mm LCD
  • Two standard AAA batteries
  • Tilt backstand, Batteries & Sensor on 3.2m lead
Vaccine Fridge Thermometer
Sensor in damping flask reduces misleading
temperature spike readings
810082 superceded