Data Acquisition Experience
Data Acquisition Experience

Whether your application calls for monitoring just one freezer temperature and being sure the door isn't left open or involves remote access to environmental data throughout the country, Metermaster can help with a tailored data acquisition system.

We're happy to assist with configurations of any size. We'll even help plan for future expansion - start with a basic system, add more sensors as your needs increase, connect to your network and add remote monitoring as you build new branches.
Whatever your current or future needs, give us an obligation free call at Metermaster on 0800 METERS or email

Here are just a few examples of projects we've completed.

The CDAS Deep Well Probe

Deep Well Monitor

Designed to map the temperatures of water filled bore holes of up to 800 metres in depth. The pressure signal (up to 80 Bar) is simultaneously logged & is used to determine the exact depth at which the temperatures are recorded. Test duration per bore hole is approx 30 minutes.



Measuring and displaying audible sound levels and frequencies on PC's.

Three phase current and voltage, power factor, frequency and power recorder built into a ruggedised case.

Food Industry
Supermarkets: Chiller and freezer storage temperatures, freezer door status and display case temperatures displayed on the manager's PC with password protected remote access for the refrigeration engineer.

Fast food chain: Remote (HACCP) monitoring of food storage temperatures with local alarms for on-site staff.

Hydraulic Pressures recorded against control valve positions in heavy forestry equipment

Heavy Industry
Recording and plotting 400 tonne ram pressure against displacement

Urodynamics: Plotting bladder and rectum pressures against bladder volume. Plotting urine flow.

Continuous monitoring of vaccine storage chiller temperature, light level, door and (dual) compressor status with autodial telephone alarm.

Portable Applications
Remote monitoring of eight 4~20mA signals in a water treatment facility was made much easier with Metermaster's Nomad Portable Remote Data Acquisition system. This particular application was many kilometres from the engineers base, so travelling each day to the site was not practical. Using Nomad , all eight values could be monitored (live) continuously over the GSM network and furthermore, data collected overnight was automatically transferred to the engineer's PC upon connection, so historical data could be analysed too.

24 hour monitoring of fridges, freezers (running at -80 and -135°C) and incubators in a medical research facility. All points have individually set alarms that send SMS & email messages to selected personnel.

Warehousing and distribution
Continuous monitoring of over 400 temperature sensors in thirteen buildings & across three time zones. Using the client's existing computer network, the quality assurance manager can check all warehouses from his desk.

The Pearse Project

Certainly the most interesting data acquisition work we've been involved in. The Pearse project required careful measurement and recording of weight distribution and forces during exhaustive static and dynamic pre-flight tests.

The mix of small differential signals, a single common power supply and the fact that this was to be carried out from within a moving vehicle, all added to the challenge…