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BM231 True RMS Technicians DMM
  • Auto-ranging 6000 count display with auto power-off
  • VFD ACV function for Variable Speed Drive voltage measurements
  • BeepLit Continuity Test beeps but flashes the backlight too.
  • Non-contact voltage detection
  • Audible input protection
9005 - Data Logging Multimeter
  • Fast updating bar graph & 4000 Count digital display
  • Min/Max, hold & peak recording, with zero offset functions
  • Data log all ranges - voltages, current, frequency, or temperature
8088 Multifunction Automotive Multimeter
  • mS Pulse, Frequency, Capacitance, Dwell & Temperature
  • Min & Max Record Functions
  • RPM (with Pickup) for 2 & 4 Stroke
True RMS Industrial Electricians Multimeter
  • 6000 Count Display plus 999 Count Secondary
  • Display AC Voltage or Current & Frequency Simultaneously
  • VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Mode
4213 Premium Test Lead Pair
  • 4mm stackable plug with retracting shroud, 2mm probe tip
  • 1.5m x 1.5mm silicon insulated cable
  • 25 Amp, 600V CAT III rating
2353 100 Red/Black Patchcord Pair
  • 4mm shrouded plugs
  • Right angled to straight
  • 1m x 1.5mm silicon insulated, 25 Amp, 1000V CAT III rating
  • Easy grip with anti-slip guard
  • 19 x 2mm probe tip
  • 36 Amp, 1000V CAT III rating
  • Safer when testing around bus bars
  • Very fine needle probe
  • 16 Amp, 1000V CAT III rating
3034 Spade Adaptor Pair
  • Better than crushing your test leads
  • Easy-positive connection,Grooved for 4.3 & 6.3 mm bolts
  • 36 Amp, 33VAC, 70VDC rating
  • Very fine 0.7mm sprung tip
  • Non-slip removable tip shroud
  • 1 Amp, 600V CAT III rating
  • Spring tension holds and pierces
  • Excellent for loom tests
  • 6 Amp, 30VAC, 60VDC rating
  • Holds well - even on very small pins
  • Rotatable pincers minimise test lead pull
  • Tested to 8000V! 6 Amp, 1000V CAT III rating
  • Wide opening jaws & very positive grab
  • Insulated jaw backs prevent accidental shorts
  • Tested to 8000V! 6 Amp, 1000V CAT III rating
5004 Large Crocodile Clip Pair
  • Large 20mm bite & good strong grip
  • 3 nose teeth hold small conductors too
  • 20 Amp, 1000V CAT III rating
4413 Red/Black Test Lead Pair
  • 4mm right angled shrouded plug, 2mm probe tip
  • 1.5m x 1.5mm silicon insulated cable
  • 25 Amp, 1000V CAT III, 600V CAT III rating
TL10 Test Lead Pair
  • Non-shrouded right angled plugs
  • Replacement leads for 260T Clamp Meter
  • 1m long
TS10 Shrouded Test Lead Pair
  • Shrouded right angled plugs
  • Compatible with 4mm shrouded meter sockets
  • 1m long with safety sleeved tips
Test Lead Set
  • Straight 4 mm plugs with retracting shrouds
  • Shrouded Alligator Clips screw on/off probe tips
  • 1m long with Insulated plug tips
TL8000 Interchangeable Test Lead Set
  • Short & long insulated tips plug into probe end
  • Shrouded alligator clips plug into probes, or directly into meter
  • Right angled shrouded plugs on probe & alligator clip leads
Screw-on Alligator Clips for TL1108 Test Leads
  • Screw-on Alligator clips for TL1108 test leads
  • CATIII 1000V, CATIV 600 V, 10 Amp rating
  • 14mm jaw opening
TL1108 Test Lead Pair with Insulated Tip Covers
  • Shrouded right-angled 4mm plugs
  • Removable anti-short probe caps cover all but very tips
  • Threaded probe collars accommodate TL05 Alligator Clips
*15% GST applicable for sales within NZ