ESM Sensor Map

When traceable 24/7 monitoring and data logging are required...

ESM offers a very flexible yet steadfastly reliable solution.
The Sensor Map is customised around your site plan, so is instantly recognisable to your staff, making it very easy to understand & use. Metermaster has supplied many ESM systems around the world & has been involved in projects from concept to installation & commissioning stages.
  • Expandable to keep pace with your requirements
  • Monitored values displayed on your site plan
  • Single or multiple sites in adjacent buildings or interstate
  • Receive SMS & email when sensors breach alarm limits
  • Produce professional reports of collected data
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ESM Sensor Map reveal every sensor in 3d detail play slideshow Users enter History Navigator to to their daily temperature checks pause Multi level alarms are annunciated by coloured lenses and floor plan tabs previous ESM Metermaster’s flagship monitoring system next

ESM Monitor

Scroll back through records with a mouse click When the auditor asks for proof that your freezer was in fact -20.0° last January 3rd at 3:15pm, just open that day's graph or spreadsheet on screen. Print comprehensive reports too - no problem!

Sensor & Hardware Data
System info at the click of a button,
makes for easy system maintenance
or future upgrades and expansion.

When viewing historical data, select an exact date/time range
or just click ‘Collect’ to see the last 72 hours. The default
is great for daily checks but when auditors ask for specific data,
that too is easy to retrieve.

Get the Stat’s *
Statistical data tells you exactly what’s been happening within your facility. See this data for individual sensors via the pull-down selector or produce a full report with statistics for all sensors. The report includes full (alarm) excursion information and where applicable, Mean Kinetic Temperature values.

ESM's Hardware: ESM-IP
•  Built-in Audible Alarm
•  Built-in 6 Hour Battery Operation
•  Connects to Existing
     Monitored Alarm System
....More input options
....Mains Voltage
....Three Phase Current
....Light Level
....Door Status
....Compressor Running
Input Options
Almost any mix of input signals can be measured.
Have managers alerted by SMS and/or email whenever an alarm occurs, or is acknowledged, in their department.
Metermaster’s Remote Support Service
is like having our engineers & programmers ‘right there’ on-site. Remote support is used for training, consultation and system updates.
Each ESM-IP logger can be operated independently as a stand-alone system or as part of a larger multi-site or multi-building system. Each has independent alarm functions and an internal back-up battery.