Food Safety
Single Use
Single Use Logger
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Thermometers Thermometers
Probe Type
Combination Probe & Infrared
Vaccine Fridge
All Calibrated with Certificates
Repair & Calibration Service
Food Safety
Probe & Knife Wipes Anti-Bacterial Probe & Knife Wipes
The Easiest and Quickest Way to Clean and Sanitise Knives and Thermometer Probes
Supplied in Handy Dispenser Tubs of 180 Wipes, or Mini Tubs of 70 Wipes
Effective against a wide range of bacteria
Optional Wall Bracket
Sushi pH Meters Professional Sushi pH Kit
Easy, Reliable Sushi pH Measurement
Automatic Temperature Compensation
Supplied Complete with Starter Buffers
Includes Accurate Temperature Probe
Catering & Food Sales Thermometers Catering & Food Sales Thermometers
Takeaway Packs
Cover All the Bases - Sanitise, Measure & Record