BM907S True RMS
Industrial Electricians’ Digital Multimeter
BM907 True RMS Digital Multimeter
Multimeter Backlight
9005 Multimeter
6000 Count Display plus 999 Count Secondary
Display AC Voltage or Current & Frequency Simultaneously
VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Mode
5ms Crest Capture
True RMS AC & AC+DC Measurement
Backlit Display
If you’re trying to make sense of measurements around a variable speed drive that’s playing up, you really need stable readings on your meter. The BM907S True RMS meter’s VFD mode, utilises high noise rejection and low pass filter circuitry at the front end, to reliably measure and display voltage and frequency simultaneously.
Add to that 5 updates per second, a 5ms crest capture mode, capacitance and logic measurements and this meter really is a problem solver!
We know it’s hard enough being stuck behind a cabinet in a noisy plant, without needing to strain to see your meter, so the BM907S has a bright LCD backlight for easy reading in those not-so-accessible places you work!
…and just in case the assistant’s using your meter, it will beep and flash a warning message, if the probes are plugged into the wrong current sockets!
Volts: DC 10µV to 1kV ±(0.6% Rdg + 3 Dgts)
TRMS AC 10µV to 1kV ±(1.3% Rdg + 5 Dgts) @50~500Hz
VFD Volts: 1mV to 1kV ±(3.5% Rdg + 8 Dgts) @10~400Hz
Current: *1 DC 100nA to 9A ±(1.5% Rdg + 3 Dgts)
TRMS AC 100nA to 9A ±(2% Rdg + 5 Dgts) 50~500Hz
*1 9~15A for 30 seconds, with 5 minute cooldown
Resistance: 0.1Ω to 60MΩ ±(0.8% Rdg + 4 Dgts)
Frequency: 0.1Hz to 100kHz ±(7% Rdg + 8 Dgts)
Temperature: *2 -50 to 1000°C ±(1% Rdg + 3 Dgts)
*2 With optional BKB32 & suitable thermocouple
Capacitance: 10pF to 3000µF ±(3.5% Rdg +5 Dgts)
Logic Level Frequency: 5Hz to 300kHz ±(0.2% Rdg +4 Dgts)
Other Functions: Non-contact voltage detection, Diode Test, Display Hold, Relative Zero, Continuity Beeper, Display backlight, V/Hz Dual Display modes, VFD-ACV+Hz high noise rejection and low pass filter circuit for reliable Variable Speed Drive voltage and frequency measurement, Auto Power-Off with disable, Audible and visible improper connection warnings, Auto/Manual Ranging selection.
IEC Rating: 61010-1 AC/DC CATII 1000V, CATIII 600V, CATIV 300V
Dimensions: 198(H) x 97(W) x 55mm, 430gm (incl. boot)
Battery: AAA x 2
Accessories Included: Test Leads, Protective Boot and Battery.
*15% GST applicable for sales within NZ
Legal and Where to Buy
Single-handed operation? Safely hold the meter and the probe. in one hand
Store test leads safely on the meter’s protective boot
Hanging eye
Belt clip
Lock-away tilt bail