Oscilloscope Probes

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oscilloscope Probe Tip
Spare Probe Tip
Ground Lead 22cm
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insulating tip
Insulating Cap
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insulating tip
IC Insulating Cap
Test Clip
Test Clip
Trimming Tool
Trimming Tool
Test Leads
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Your probe is the interface between you and your ‘scope and the quality and feel of that probe can make or break an oscilloscope.

Besides the excellent specifications of our PJP range and the full set of accessories supplied with each one, these probes are all superbly designed for user and equipment safety.

All have 1.2m leads and maximum input ratings of no less than 400V! The accessories are all inter-changeable and all probes are compatible with the Challenger range of SMD clips.

Model Attenuation Bandwidth (MHz) Maximum Voltage (Vp) Rise Time (ns)
S-1021 1:1/1:10 Switchable 20/150 400/600 1.8/2.3
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Our most popular ‘scope probe.
A good quality general purpose probe suitable for much of the
Pico Oscilloscope range
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V-6021 1:100 300 1500 1.2
V-6021 Oscilloscope Probe One of two high voltage probes in the range. Both have enhanced BNC insulation.
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V-6041 1:100 300 2500 1.2
V-6041 Oscilloscope Probe The second of two high voltage probes in the range. Both have enhanced BNC insulation.
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H-4011 1:10 350 600 1
H-4011 Oscilloscope Probe With a 350MHz bandwidth, the 4011 is suitable for all but the very fastest Pico oscilloscope range.
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M-5001 1:10 500 200 0.7
M-5001 Oscilloscope Probe This high stability 500MHz probe has its compensation circuitry behind the BNC connector, so has a smaller probe and is much easier to use on high density PCB’s.
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DR-7012 1:1 950 AC 50V, DC 200V  
DR-7012 Oscilloscope Probe A demodulating probe, the 7012 output is a DC voltage equal to the peak to peak value of the measured waveform. Includes BNC adaptor pictured below.
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Optional Accessories
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BNC Adaptor
(Included with DR-7012)
Micro-Leads (5cm)