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Wondering whether it's better to buy locally or over the net?
Here are a few points that may help.

Local Pricing Policy

At Metermaster, we strive to offer all of the advantages of buying locally while maintaining prices that do not leave you "out of pocket" when comparing trans-web options

What you pay is:

What you pay, in New Zealand, is the price advertised on Pico's website including their standard freight charge converted at the current exchange rate plus where applicable, a NZ customs import charge and GST.

So what does a distributor do?

We can't speak for distributors in all countries but at Metermaster we've represented Pico since the early 90's (almost forever in Pico terms) and in that time have assisted many users with their virtual instrument and data acquisition requirements both large and small. In many cases after consultation, we've even built complete systems for customers. Have a look at the range of projects in our portfolio.

What we provide is:

  • Assistance (if required) with choosing the Pico product that best fits your application and requirements
  • (Mostly) ex-stock New Zealand delivery
  • Where applicable, New Zealand power supplies
  • Full user support
  • NZ$ credit card facilities

So, just when you are ready, give us a call on 0800 METERS.
It's free of course and in your time zone.

We're very proud of Pico's acknowledgement of our website
but we'll continue striving to make it even better.


Awarded for best 2012 Pico Technology content
during the 2013 world wide Pico distributors conference.