LPS 305
Digital Linear Power Supply
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LPS305 Power Supply
True constant voltage and constant current performance
12-bit D/A converter
Backlit LCD - voltage and current are displayed simultaneously
Software calibration
Sophisticated cooling system
RS232 output interface
Audible overload warning and status change indication
Up/down key for easy setting
Numeric keyboard for direct setting
Three output channels
- 2 independently adjustable
- 1 fixed (5V or 3.3V selectable)
LPS305 Power Supply buttons
Use the keypad to easily select exact voltage and current settings.
LPS305 Power Supply Rear
The intelligent cooling system turns on automatically
when the power rating exceeds a preset value.
LPS305 LCD Display
The clear LCD simultaneously displays positive &
negative voltages and currents, along with the
constant voltage/constant current status of each.
The output mode (independent or tracking) &
the fixed output (5V or 3.3V) are indicated on the
right hand side.
LPS305 Power Supply Outputs
Output sockets

The LPS 305 power supply's smart microprocessor technology & features make it very easy to use. The settings are kept in a memory, so when turned on, the voltage, current and output options are just as they were when you turned it off. The LPS305 is software calibrated to provide years of trouble free service and for instrument & load protection, has audible feedback to warn if output exceeds maximum load.

LPS305 Power Supply Front
Output Voltage 0 to +30V/ 0 to -30V Fixed 3.3 V/5 V
Setting Resolution 10mV
Max Output Voltage +32/-32V
Dual Tracking 0 to ±30V
Tracking Deviation ±20mV
Output Current 0 to +2.5 A/0 to -2.5A 3A
Setting Resolution 1mA
Max. output current +3 A/-3A CL = 3.3A
Dual Tracking 0 to ±2.5A
Tracking Deviation ±5mA
Line Regulation
(for a change of 10% AC)
1mV 5mV
Load Regulation
(100% Load Change)
2mV 10mV
Ripple Noise RMS
(10 Hz to 20MHz)
Ripple/Noise Peak
(10 Hz to 20MHz)
10mV p-p 20mV p-p
Transient Response 200µs typical
Temp Coefficient  100ppm/°C typical
Line Regulation
(10% AC)
15mA typical
Load Regulation
100% Load Change)
10mA typical
Ripple/Noise RMS
(10Hz to 20MHz)
1mA RMS typical
Ripple/Noise Peak
(10Hz to 20MHz)
5mA p-p typical
Temp Coefficient 200ppm/°C typical
Display 16 character x 2 line backlit LCD; front-panel status indicator with beeper
Voltage Accuracy* ±(0.2% Rdg + 2 Dgts)
Current Accuracy* ±(0.5% Rdg + 5 Dgts)
Common-Mode Voltage ±240VDC
Temp Ratings Operating: 0 to 40ºC, Storage: -40 to 70ºC
(less than 80% RH)
Dimensions 132(H) x 213(W) x 399mm
Weight Approx. 8.2kg
Cooling Intelligently controlled forced air
Power 230VAC ±10% @ 47~63Hz. 250W
Interface RS232; factory installed
Accessories Instruction manual, power cord, fuse
*For output less than 5% of rated output, add 5 digits to the accuracy specifications.