Economy Test Leads
Test Leads Economy
When budgets are limited, or to keep an extra couple of spare lead sets handy, these PVC insulated test lead sets are perfect.
All have industry standard 4mm plugs and are 1m in length.
TL10 Test Lead Pair
TL10 Test Lead Pair
NZ$32.00*  Order
  • Non-shrouded right angled plugs
  • Compatible with 260T Clamp Meter
  • 1m long
TL10 Test Lead Pair
TS10 Shrouded Test Lead Pair
NZ$29.00*  Order
  • Shrouded right angled plugs
  • Fit 4mm shrouded meter sockets
TL10 Test Lead Pair
TL02AS Test Lead Set
NZ$43.00*  Order
  • Straight 4 mm plugs with retracting shrouds
  • Shrouded Alligator Clips screw on/off probe tips
  • Insulated plug tips
TL10 Test Lead Pair
TL8000 Interchangeable Test Lead Set
NZ$39.00*  Order
  • Short & long insulated tips plug into probe end
  • Shrouded alligator clips plug into probes, or directly into meter
  • Right angled shrouded plugs on probe & alligator clip leads
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*15% GST applicable for sales within NZ