Temperature Probes
Temperature Probes
Probe Thermometers
At Metermaster we
have many temperature
probe options.

Please feel free to
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HHK016 Magnetic Probe
Magnetic Probe
Magnetic Probe
•   Ideal for monitoring the
    surface temperature of
    ferrous metals,
    e.g. radiators.
•   These magnet probes
    are supplied with
    a one metre PTFE lead
•   20mm Diameter
•   Max Temp: 150°C

Exposed Junction
Bead Probe
•   Suitable for fridges, freezers, ovens, concrete, air etc
•  Response time
< 0.5 seconds
•  -60 to 250°C
•  1.5 x 1000mm

*15% GST applicable
for sales within NZ
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Broad range of probe
options available
K & T type, thermistor,
PT100, PT1000
There are innumerable temperature measurement applications, many requiring their own special temperature probes. While we can't show them all off here, Metermaster can supply a very broad range of probes, in many different designs, types and handle formats. While we're adding more product to our web site, please feel free to call us about your particular needs. Our experienced staff will be very happy to assist.
Off the shelf or
custom made options
Up to 1100°C available
All with 1m leads & plugs Industrial & Food safety models
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HHK160 Penetration Probe NZ$118.00*
Sharp pointed for internal temperatures
Response time < 3 seconds
Max temperature 250°C
3.3 x 130mm
HHK000 Spring-Loaded Surface Temperature Probe NZ$131.00*
Spring-loaded sensing tip
Response time < 2 seconds
Max temperature 250°C
6 x 130mm
HHK020 Straight Heavy Duty Surface Probe NZ$141.00*
Measuring weld temperatures
Response time < 1 second
High Temperature Max 1000°C
12 x 130mm
HHK028 Right Angled Heavy Duty Surface Probe NZ$187.00*
HHK040 Pipe Clamp Probe NZ$73.00*
Ideal for HVAC piping
Response time < 2 seconds
Maximum probe temperature 100°C
For pipes from 6 to 30mm
HHK040 Pipe Clamp Probe
HHK044 Ribbon Surface Probe NZ$122.00*
Ideal for measuring small and large stationary metallic surfaces
Response time less than 0.5 of a second
Max temperature 250°C
8 x 130mm
HHK060 Rigid Between Pack Probe NZ$136.00*
Designed specifically to measure between packets or boxes of produce
Response time < 3 seconds
Max temperature 250°C
4.5 x 130mm
Pipe Probe
HHK080 Velcro Pipe Probe
Wrap-around probe suitable for the temperature measurement of medium and large pipes in the HVAC and process industries
Pipes up to Ø150mm
Max temperature 100°C
20 x 500mm
HHK100 Needle Penetration Temperature Probe 130mm NZ$138.00*
Suitable for liquids and semi-solid food, soft rubber/plastic etc
Response time < 2 seconds
Max temperature 250°C
1.8 x 130mm
HHK101 Needle
Penetration Probe
Delicate foods, soft rubber etc.
Response time < 2 seconds
Max temperature 250°C
1.8 x 100mm
HHK116 Heavy Duty Chisel Point Probe NZ$171.00*
HHK116 Probe
T-shaped handle
Response time < 10 seconds
Max temperature 250°C
4.5 x 130mm
HHK116 Probe Tip
HHK117 Heavy Duty Penetration Probe NZ$128.00*
Great where a little extra force
might be required
Max temperature 250°C
4 x 130mm
HHK120 Asphalt Probe NZ$149.00*
HHK120 Heavy Duty Penetration Probe
T-shaped handle penetration probe
Reduced sensing tip for faster response
Response time < 10 seconds
6.35 x 300mm
HHK120 Probe Tip
HHK204 Fine High Temperature Mineral Iinsulated Probe NZ$139.00*
HHK212 High Temperature Mineral Insulated Probe NZ$139.00*
HHK204: 1.5 x 130mm
Ideal for measuring high temperature applications
Can be easily bent for better tip placement
Response time < 2 seconds
Max temperature 1100°C
HHK212: 3 x 130mm
HHK240 Binder Probe NZ$128.00*
Designed for inserting into binder self-sealing glands to measure the temperature of vessels or radiators
Rounded tip
Response time < 3 seconds
3 x 130mm
HHK300 Air/Gas/Hot Water Probe NZ$113.00*
HVAC & viticulture air temperature
Aged care hot water temperature
Fast respose time < 0.5 seconds
Max temperature 250°C
4.5 x130mm
HHK745 Burger Probe NZ$155.00*
Designed for use in busy fast food kitchens
Stainless steel disc ensures the correct insertion depth (6mm) every time
Max temperature 250°C
4.5 x130mm