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A scan tool will tell you what problems the ECU has detected, but will it tell you everything? Only with PicoScope can you see the full picture and get to the heart of vehicle diagnostics.

A PC-based PicoScope is the ultimate workshop diagnostic tool. Alongside your scan tool, it adds the ability to analyze intermittent problems, test components before replacing them, and confirm a fix after fitting - retaining customers, and increasing sales and profits.

PicoScope is easy to use

PicoScope is a powerful diagnostic tool and comes complete with over 150 pre-set tests with guidance sheets, straight out of the box.

PicoScope is The Ultimate Diagnostic Tool

PicoDiagnostics turns your PicoScope into a multifunctional tool allowing you to carry out compression tests, battery and alternator tests and cylinder balance. This means you don't need to buy expensive extra tools to carry out all the tests you need.

Picoscope 4225 Standard Kit
The Fast and Easy Way to Diagnose Faults

PicoScope Automotive is the powerful automotive software package that makes it easy for you to diagnose vehicle faults. Packed with features such as automated measurements and the ability to save and print waveforms, PicoScope Automotive is the ultimate tool for your diagnostic toolbox.

Simply select the sensor or circuit to be tested and the software will automatically load the required settings and give you details of how to connect the scope, along with advice, an example waveform and general technical information on the component being tested.

Once you have a PicoScope Automotive scope you can also make use of PicoDiagnostics® which is a complete engine health check. With just a simple connection to the battery you can detect misfires and carry out a compression test. Also included in our PicoDiagnostics software is a fully featured electrical system test to check the battery, starter motor and alternator. The results are displayed in a bar graph that can easily be understood by you (and your customer!).

PicoScope software does not require any annual subscriptions, and updates can always be downloaded for free too.

Why “PicoScope 6”?
This is the 6th generation of our oscilloscope software. It has been continuously improving since 1991
to keep up with developments in computer technology and our customers' needs.
Advanced Features When You Need Them
Timebase controls Buffer controls Auto setup button Automotive menu Zoom buttons Scope button Channel controls Channel A Trigger marker Channel A ruler Channel B Time ruler Stop/Start control Ruler Legend Channel axis Reference channel Scale and offset button Frequency and RPM indicator Trigger mode Trigger source Edge select Threshold Pre-trigger Measurements buttons Measurements table

Maths channels allow you to look at the waveforms in other ways to reveal more information. Phase and time rulers allow you to see relationships in degrees rotation as well as time. The new waveform library allows you to access example waveforms from PicoScope users worldwide.

With its unique combination of power and simplicity, it's no wonder that PicoScope has been chosen by more than 20 of the world's leading vehicle manufacturers.

Case Studies

CAN BUS - Intermittent ESP light

  • Case Study
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    Case Study

Scanning fault codes on a Audi TT Quattro revealed intermittent CAN Bus errors. When the fault was present, the ESP light would go out on start-up but then illuminate as the car was driven. The CAN network was inspected using PicoScope whilst the vehicle was driven, and the captured data reviewed when the ESP warning light illuminated, showing that the CAN bus signals were incorrect. After a visual inspection of the wiring, we scoped the bus lines with the ABS ECU disconnected. As the scrambled signal was still present, we reconnected the ABS and disconnected the Haldex module on the rear diff; PicoScope displayed a good set of bus signals. As the supply and earth were confirmed as OK, the Haldex unit was replaced, and the CAN bus signals returned to normal.

Valve Timing Errors - Misleading MIL

  • Case Study
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    Case Study

An Alfa Romeo Spider 2.0L Twin Spark with MIL lamp illuminated, but no drivability issues. Reading DTCs indicated “CODE 8 PHASE SENSOR CIRCUIT” which cleared at KOEO, but returned when the car was started. As the auxiliary drive belt had recently been shredded, we decided to check the valve timing. This test only takes a few mintues and, with a known good capture as reference, is as effective as stripping the timing covers and visually confirming timing mark alignment. With cam and crank reference marks, PicoScope can be used on a running engine where any excessive slack can be seen as ‘wandering’.