PicoScope 4225A 2 Channel Starter Kit
PicoScope 4225A 2 Channel Starter Kit
  • Lowest possible cost entry into your PicoScope ownership.
  • Comes complete with a basic set of leads and clips
  • Easily add accessories to upgrade the kit & broaden its applications base.

Includes: PicoScope Automotive Software

The 2 Channel Starter Kit gives you the lowest possible cost entry into PicoScope ownership. The kit comes complete with a basic set of leads and clips to allow you to perform many common tasks including testing most sensors, relative compression and cylinder balance tests. Over time accessories such as current clamps and ignition probes can be added to expand its uses and convert a starter kit into a standard kit.

Please note that without the purchase of additional accessories this kit is not suitable for testing primary or secondary ignition and some types of fuel injector where voltage signals can exceed 100 V.

With this kit you can measure and record up to two signals at once. To measure four channels e.g. four ABS signals, consider the 4 Channel Starter Kit.

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$ 1745.00*

  • Fully shielded for the complete length of the signal cable
  • 3 m leads come with fixed 1.5 m ground extensions
  • Shrouded/stacking banana plugs
2x PicoBNC+ Premium Test Lead to 4mm, 3m
  • Designed for back-probing under the insulation
  • Flexible mid-section improves access to difficult terminals
  • Fits easily onto Pico Premium Test Leads
Flexible Back Pinning Probe (2x Red, 2x Black)
  • Fully insulated with 4mm socket in the handle
  • Toothed grip offers good contact on fine wire
  • Easy connection to Pico Premium Test Leads
Small Crocodile / Gator Clip (1x Red, 1x Black)
  • Fits all our BNC to 4 mm Pico Premium Test Leads
  • Plier type clips designed to grab and hold the vehicle battery terminals
Battery Clip (1x Red, 1x Black)
  • Connect PicoScope to PC
  • Scope power and high signal rating
  • Compatible with USB2 PCs
USB Cable - Vsn 3.1 Gen 1, 1.8m