Current Clamps
Clamp Adaptors Clamp Adaptors
Extend the Versatility of your Multimeter
Three Options to Choose from
in AC Only or AC/DC
Use on the mV Range of Your Meter
Temperature Probes
A Broad Selection of Options Temperature Probes
200 to 1100°C
Many Format Options
Off The Shelf or Customised
With or Without Leads & Plugs
Industrial & Food Safety Models
Automotive Specific
Automotive Pressure
Accurately measure -1 ~ 34.47 Bar
(500 psi)
Automotive Pressure Transducer
Cylinder compression, fuel pressure, exhaust pulses & vacuum test
CAN-Bus Test Box
Instantly Check Power & Ground Circuits CAN-Bus Test Box
Identify Communication
Link Protocols
Connect an Oscilloscope for Signal Capture & Collection of Signal Waveform Data
Kit Extras
Leads,clips, pins, attenuators Automotive Kit Extras
Coil on Plug probes
Fuse extenders,
acupuncture sets
Automotive Pressure/Vacuum & more...
Automotive Accessories
Test Leads
Test Leads & Oscilloscope Probes
Oscilloscope Probes
Up to 950 MHz Oscilloscope Probes
Up to 2500V
1:1/10:1/100:1 options
Premium Quality
Test Leads and Clips High Quality Silicon Test Leads
Rated to IEC 1010 Standards
-60°~180°C Rating, Tested at up to 7400V
Mix ‘n’ Match to Suit Your Needs
PVC Insulated PVC Test Leads
Shrouded &
non-shrouded options
With & without
alligator clips
Legal and Where to Buy