BM127s Dual Display
Clamp Meter
BM127s Dual Display Clamp Meter
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Clamp-on Multimeter
Dual Display for ACI + ACV, or Frequency
0.1µA DC resolution for HVACR flame sensor applications
Fast continuity beeper for zero-delay testing
Ultra Slim and Light
The BM127 can simultaneously display clamped AC current on one LCD and voltage, frequency or temperature on the other. Perfect for commissioning and fault finding on control systems.
Currents up to 2 Amps can also be measured via the test leads (non-clamped). The (0.1µA) high resolution mode is ideal for identifying small fluctuations in HVACR flame detector currents.
This is a compact, professional
clamp multimeter.
Simultaneously measure & display
AC current plus...
Voltage, Frequency, or Temperature.
Volts: AC 0.1uV to 600V ±(2.0% + 5 Dgts) @ 50~60Hz
DC 0.1uV to 600V ±(2.0% + 4 Dgts)
AC through Clamp:
AC through Leads:
DC through Leads:

10mA to 600A ±(1.5% + 8 Dgts) @ 50~60Hz

0.1 to 2000uA ±(2.0% + 5 Dgts) @ 50~500Hz

0.1 to 2000uA ±(2.0% + 4 Dgts)

Frequency of.
Current (through leads):

10Hz to 100kHz ±(0.5% + 4 Dgts)

10Hz to 30kHz ±(0.5% + 4 Dgts)

Capacitance:190(H) x 63(W) x 32mm, 139gm
Temperature:-20~537°C ±(3.0% + 3 Dgts)
Other Functions: Continuity Beeper, Diode Test, Clamped Current Display
& Max Hold and Auto Power-off
IEC Rating:61010-1 CATIII 600V
Dimensions:190(H) x 63(W) x 32mm, 139gm
Batteries:Two CR2032 coin cells
Accessories Included: Test Leads, K-Type Bead Probe, Soft Carry Case, Batteries and user manual.