Data Acquisition
Temperature, Pressure, Current, Voltage, RH....
Data Acquisition
If you're considering a monitoring or data acquisition
sytem, you'll probably want to be talking to a company
with experience.
Whether your requirement is to measure and display a single
value on a PC screen, a customised solution such as our Deep
Well Logger (pictured right) or multi-channel fixed monitoring,
Metermaster personnel have the experience and expertise to
understand your application and the products to produce a data
acquisition system to suit.
Deep Well Data Logger - Borehole Monitoring System
Wondering whether it's better to buy
locally or over the net?
Here are a few points that may help.
  • Portable data logging solution
  • Fully customised
  • Lockable
  • Remote access
Everything from handheld to network based temperature measurement and monitoring solutions.
  • Multi-channel
  • PC Hosted
  • Scalable Inputs
  • Digital Outputs
  • Graphical & Numerical Displays