Electrical Product Range
Electrical Product Range
Legal and Where to Buy
Clamp Meters - AC Only & AC/DC
AC clamp meters A Sample of the Many Models Available
2606 AC/DC Clampmeter 1000 Amps or 2000 Amps
True RMS AC Voltage & Current
Auto & Manual Ranging
Options Include: Large Jaw, Temperature Measurement & Earth Leakage Test
Clamp Adaptors
Clamp Adaptors Three Models Available AC and AC/DC Options
Use on the mV Range of Your Meter
Extend the Versatility of Your Multimeter
Multimeters For Automotive & Electronic Applications
Manual & Auto Ranging
Data Logging Options
Insulation Testers
DI6400 Digital Insulation Tester
Multiple Test Voltages & Resistance Ranges
Robust with Protective Housings
Power Analysers
Power-Analysers Single or 3 Phase
Measure Watts, VA, WHr, PF, Hz and More
Rugged and Portable Solutions
Phase Rotation Meters
Phase rotation meters Two Models Available
Check Phase Sequence
Check For Correct Wiring
Portable Appliance Testers
Temperature Probes Simplified One Button Testing
Test Icons & Symbols on Large LCD
Flashing Test Fail Indicator
Temperature Probes
Temperature Probes A Broad Range of Standard and Specialist Temperature Probes
-200 to 1100C
Industrial & Food Safety Models
Test Leads
Test Leads High Quality Silicon Insulated Test Leads
Oscilloscope Probes
SMD Clips