Automotive Oscilloscopes
Vehicle electronics continue to get more complex.
Does this make it harder for you to find faults?
With a Pico Automotive Diagnostic Kit it doesn’t have to…
Automotive kits are based around the highly successful range of Pico automotive oscilloscopes. These high resolution PC oscilloscopes connect to a USB port on your PC and can take up to 250 million samples per trace, making it possible to capture complex automotive waveforms – including CAN bus and FlexRay signals – and then zoom in on areas of interest. Being PC based these waveforms can then be saved to your PC for future reference, printed or emailed.
Two Channel
Starter Kit (PP920)
Four Channel
Starter Kit (PP921)
Two Channel
Standard Kit (PP922)
Four Channel
Standard Kit (PP923)
Four Channel
Advanced Kit (PP925)
Four Channel
Diesel Kit (PP924)
Two Channel
Oscilloscope Only (PP918)
Four Channel
Oscilloscope Only (PP919)
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PicoDiagnostics & Screenshots
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Starter Kits
Two Channel Starter
PicoScope 4000 Series 2-Channel Starter Kit

Starter Kits are configured to offer the lowest possible entry cost into PicoScope ownership. Accessories can be added as and when required. The starter kits are also a great way to customise your kit precisely for your application.

Four Channel Starter
PicoScope 4000 Series 4-Channel Starter Kit
Standard Kits
Two Channel Standard
PicoScope 4000 Series 2-Channel Standard Kit

Standard Kits are supplied with a broader selection of accessories, allowing a greater range and depth of automotive testing. The four channel standard kit is the most popular of all options.

Four Channel Standard
PicoScope 4000 Series 4-Channel Standard Kit
Advanced Kit
Four Channel Advanced
PicoScope 4000 Series 4-Channel Advanced Kit
The four Channel Advanced Kit builds on the standard kit to include more accessories such as the universal break out leads, secondary ignition pickups and a 60 MHz oscilloscope probe.
Diesel Kit
Four Channel Diesel
PicoScope 4000 Series 4-Channel Diesel Kit

The four Channel Diesel Vehicles Kit has is an adaptation of the four Channel Standard Kit, specifically designed around heavy duty diesel engines. It includes a 2000 Amp DC clamp.

Oscilloscope Only
Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscope
Automotive Diagnostic Oscilloscope
PicoScope 4425 and 4225 are the most advanced automotive PicoScopes ever, handling hybrid, electric, diesel and petrol vehicles.
• Up to 400 MS/s real-time sample rate
• 20 MHz bandwidth
• Floating inputs
• USB 3.0 connection for faster screen updates
• Easy to use with any vehicle
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Automotive Diagnostic Software
Reduce Service Time and Increase Service Profits
More than 20 of the world's leading vehicle manufacturers use PicoScope to quickly diagnose problems and fix them right first time. They use PicoScope to reduce parts swapping and increase customer retention. Your workshop can use PicoScope to grow business and increase profits today!
PicoDiagnostics™ Ideal for intermittent and performance issues
Using PicoScope Automotive is fast and easy. Simply select the component or circuit to be tested and the software will automatically load the required settings and give you details of how to connect the scope. It also displays advice on what the waveform should look like and general technical information on the component being tested.
Once you have a PicoScope Automotive scope you can also make use of PicoDiagnostics™. PicoDiagnostics is a complete engine health check. With just a simple connection to the battery you can perform a cylinder balance test, detect misfires and carry out a compression test. Also included in our PicoDiagnostics software is a fully featured electrical system test to check the battery, starter motor and alternator. The results are displayed in a bar graph that can easily be understood by you (and your customer!). All Pico Automotive software is free to download, and update, with no annual subscriptions.
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Compression TestBattery TestCylinder Balance
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