Data Loggers
Data Loggers
  • 24 bit Resolution
  • Accurate to Within 0.1%
  • Up to 8 True Differential Inputs
From NZ$690.00*
  • A Complete DIY Data Logging System
  • Records Temperature, Humidity
    and Other Parameters
  • Data Analysis is Carried Out Without Any
    Delay or Manual Data Transfer
  • Up To 16 Input Channels per Data Logger
  • Up To 4 Output Channels per Data Logger
  • Up To 1 MS/s Sample Rate
From NZ$358.00*
  • High Resolution and Accuracy
  • Measures Temperature, Resistance & Voltage
  • Supports 2,3 and 4-wire Sensors
NZ$1267.00* Order
  • 8 Channel Thermocouple Data Logger
  • Measures from -270 to +1820°C
  • Automatic Cold Junction Compensation
NZ$783.00* Order
  • Temperature Range -40 to +125°C
  • High Resolution 0.1°C, High Accuracy ±0.5°C
  • Waterproof Housing - IP66/67 Protection
From NZ$783.00*
Data Loggers
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