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Single Use Logger
Single-Use Logger
Specialised Custom Solutions for Data Logging
ESM Sensor Monitoring
Portable Nomad
Portable Nomad Data logging
*15% GST applicable
for sales within NZ
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Enviromon Data Acquisition
ADC20 & ADC24
24 bit Resolution
Accurate to Within 0.1%
Up to 8 True Differential Inputs
From NZ$602.00*
A Complete DIY Data Logging System
Records Temperature, Humidity
and Other Parameters
Data Analysis is Carried Out Without Any
Delay or Manual Data Transfer
PicoLog 1000 Series
PicoLog 1000 Series
Up To 16 Input Channels per Data Logger
Up To 4 Output Channels per Data Logger
Up To 1 MS/s Sample Rate
From NZ$273.00*
PT-104 Data Logger
PT-104 Data Logger
Measures Temperature, Resistance and Voltage
High Resolution and Accuracy
Supports 2,3 and 4-wire Sensors
TC-08 Thermocouple Data Logger
TC-08 Thermocouple Data Logger
8 Channel Thermocouple Data Logger
Measures from -270 to +1820°C
Automatic Cold Junction Compensation
Thermadata data logger Range
Thermadata Range
Temperature Range -40 to +125°C
High Resolution 0.1°C, High Accuracy ±0.5°C
Waterproof Housing - IP66/67 Protection
From NZ$230.00*
Data Loggers
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