pH Meters

pH Meters
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Buffer Capsules
pH Electrodes
& Buffer Capsules
Buffer Capsules
A broad range of meter options Available for a wide range of applications such as sushi, food and beverage processing, fish hatcheries, aquariums, photography, laboratories, quality control, schools, colleges, swimming pools and water conditioners.
Integrated or detachable electrodes
Specialist and general purpose electrodes
Technical and application advice
Pen type, with separate electrode
PH220 Pen type pH meter with separate electrode
Detachable pH electrode** for general purpose use and remote measurement
Built-in reverse display button
Auto calibration at pH4, 7 & 10
IP-65 waterproof rating
Compact size, light weight
**Electrodes sold separately
Pen type, with electrode, ATC
PH222 Pen type pH meter with electrode, ATC
Meter with the pH electrode, all in one
ATC (auto temperature compensation)
Automatic calibration for pH4, pH7, pH10 or other value
IP-67 waterproof rating
Easy electrode replacement
LCD with dual display and bar graph
Records Max and Min values with recall
100 point data logger with recall
Compact size, light weight
Dual display (pH & Temperature)
PH207 Dual display (pH & Temperature)
Measure pH, mV, Temperature
LCD display with contrast adjustment for easy viewing at different angles.
Wide automatic & manual temperature compensation range
Records Maximum, Minimum and Average values with recall
Low battery indicator
Built-in dual point calibration adjustment
RS 232 PC serial interface
Model PH220 PH222 PH207
Measurement Range: 0.00 ~ 14.00pH 0.00 ~ 14.00pH, -4.9 ~ 79.9 °C 0.00 ~ 14.00ph, 0 ~ 65°C, 0 ~ 1999 mV
Display LCD: 20 x 28mm Reversable 20 x 28mm Large dual function LCD with contrast adjustment
Resolution: 0.01pH0.01pH, 0.1°C0.01ph, 0.1°C, 1mV
pH5~9: ±0.07pH
pH4~4.9 & pH9.1~10:±0.1pH
pH1~3.9 & pH10.1~13:±0.2pH
±0.2pH (Inc. Electrode)
±(0.03pH + 2 Dgts)
mV: ±(0.5% + 1 Dgt)
Not Required ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) Manual: 0 ~ 100°C,
Automatic: 0 ~ 65 °C with optional temp probe
Sampling Time:Approx. 0.8 second.
Electrode Operating Temperature: 5 ~ 60 °C -5 ~ 80 °C N/A
Operating Humidity:Up to 80% RH
pH Calibration: pH7 & 4 or 10 pH7 & 4 or 10 Built-in dual point calibration on front panel
Battery:DC 1.5V AAA x 4Std 9V
Dimensions: 180(H) x 40(W) x 32mm, 220 gm 186(H) x 40(W) x 32mm, 131gm 180(H) x 72(W) x 32mm, 270gm
Accessories Included: Instruction Manual, PE-11 pH electrode, pH4 & 7 buffer solutions Instruction Manual, replaceable pH electrode module, pH4 & 7 buffer solutions Instruction Manual
Optional Accessories: pH electrodes, carry case Carry case pH electrodes, ATC Temperature Probe, pH buffer solutions, carry case
Sushi pH Kit
also available
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In the early 1900s, when chemists first presented papers on pH, the notation was p<sub>H</sub>
Did you know?....
In the early 1900s, when chemists first presented papers on pH, the notation was pH
The subscript H was hydrogen but the original meaning of the ‘p’ is lost in history. English, German, Latin and French words meaning potential, or power, have been suggested as possibilities.