Nomad Portable
Remote Data Acquisition
Nomad Portable Remote Data Acquisition
portable data acquisition
Configurable to your requirements - this unit has 16 BNC inputs. (Custom BNC cables were also supplied with this unit.)
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Portable Nomad
Portable Nomad Carry Case Portable Nomad Magmount Aerial
Easy to carry to site but has locking/tiedown points for
onsite security.

In areas with weak GSM coverage, an external magmount aerial is easily connected and the Nomad can still be locked.

Portable Nomad Cable Storage There's plenty of room for cable storage during transit.

•  Collects and stores up to 250 000 data readings

•  Up to 40 inputs - temperature, pressure, voltage, current, client specified

•  Sends GSM text message if hi/low alarm values are breached

•  Interrogate your Nomad from your office via PC/dialup modem

•  Read live and historical (recorded) data remotely

•  Internal battery backed data acquisition and GSM operation

•  Ruggedised lockable carry case with test lead storage

So you've commissioned a piece of equipment and you need to monitor its performance for a month but it's 2 hours drive away.
No problem - just connect your Nomad portable remote data logger during a commissioning visit and leave it locked in place. Then simply interrogate it from your office.
You can view live data (what your equipment is doing right now) and collect the historical data via your PC/dialup modem.
Nomad Graph live data