Sushi pH Kit
Sushi pH Kit
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pH measurement is
new to many but at Metermaster we can help take the mystery out of what you will see, is a very easy process to get to grips with.
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Sushi Kit
Sushi pH Kit
pH Meter
Easy, reliable sushi pH measurement
Automatic temperature compensation
Easy clean electrode
Simple setup
Supplied complete with starter buffers
Includes accurate temperature probe
The importance of correct pH levels in sushi cannot be overstated....
It’s the whole key to bacteria control but keeping tabs on pH doesn’t have to be difficult.

Metermaster’s Sushi Kit makes it easy...
all you need do is add distilled water.
Included in the kit is the pH instrument itself, a pH electrode, a PT100 temperature probe and battery, all presented neatly in a protective hard carry and storage case.

Buffer capsules are supplied in three conveniently pre-labelled bottles.
pH Meter
Temperature probe and electrode inputs
*15% GST applicable for sales within NZ
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