3125B Engineer & Technician's
3125B Multimeter
3125B TRMS Engineer & Technician's Multimeter

Whether on the bench or out on site work, the 3125's compact, tough design with its protective rubber boot and tilt bail, make it just the meter for electronics engineers and technicians.

The handy magnetic holder in the strap means less meter 'balancing acts' in awkward spaces. Other innovative features include a battery saving auto power-off function that sounds a pre-alert warning before powering down the meter - just in case you're in the middle of important measurements! Of course, if you're wanting to make longer term measurements, the auto power-off function can be disabled.

The 3125 also warns when test leads are plugged into the fused current inputs if the voltage, resistance, special function or lower current ranges are selected. This and the 600 V overload rating helps protect the meter and operator.

  • Auto Ranging and Auto Power-off
  • 3400 Count Digital Display
  • 34 Segment Bar Graph
  • Strap with Handy Magnetic Holder


  • Volts:
  • Overload Protection:
  • Current:
  • Input Protection:
  • Resistance:
  • Other Functions:
  • IEC Rating:
  • Dimensions
  • Battery:
  • Accessories Included:
  • DC 0.1mV to 600V: ±(1% Rdg + 2 Dgts)
    AC @ 50~1kHz: 1mV to 600V ±(2% Rdg + 5 Dgts)
  • 600VDC or AC RMS
  • DC 0.1μA to 340mA ±(2% Rdg + 2 Dgts)
    10A Range ±(2.5% Rdg + 3 Dgts)
    AC @ 50~500Hz
    0.1μA to 340mA ±(2% Rdg + 5 Dgts)
    10A Range ±(2.5% Rdg + 5 Dgts)
  • 500mA & 10A Ceramic Fuses
  • 0.1Ω to 34MΩ ±(1.5% Rdg + 5 Dgts)
  • Diode Test Continuity Beeper, Bar Graph,
    V/Ω Auto/Manual Ranging Selection, Display Hold, 10 Minute Auto Power-off with Audible Pre-alert
  • 61010-1 CATIII 600V
  • 165(H) x 78(W) x 50mm, 315gm
  • Std 9V provides 200Hrs of operation
  • Protective Rubber Boot, Tilt Bail, Wrist Strap with Magnetic Holder, Manual, Test Leads, Fuses & Battery